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The International School on Digital Transformation created this wiki for encouraging collaboration and sharing information for the site. Below are the session notes, Bar Camp proposals, and miscellaneous links submitted by attendees.

Please note that these wiki pages are indexed by Google and other search engines. If you are concerned about privacy, be careful about what information you share about yourself here.

ISDT 2011
Rapporteur Notes
Affinity Sessions
ISDT Madness
Taxonomy of Failures
Citations and Other Readings from the Presentations
Sounds of Bazaar Internet Radio
Event tags
Tag Cloud of Participants’ Interests
A collection of articles on identityanonymitypseudonymity online

Archive of Past ISDTs

Other Resources
Affinity Session Tips
Wiki Markup Reference (This site uses “pmCode”)
A Google Map that identifies some potential meeting places.
Free Wifi in Porto
Vegetarian Food in Porto
Local Organizations with missions and interests related to ISDT.