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View Tools for digital activism: Participatory design patterns

Tools for Digital Activism + Participatory Design Patterns

from the facilitator: This should probably be two sessions, but I added “Participatory Design Patterns” to include designers and administrators who build these systems. If the group prefers to discuss design patterns, I’m all for it!


Much of this conference focuses on research and reporting of how digital media tools are transforming societies and global culture, but I think short shrift has been paid to the production end of digital media. Yes, I’m a PhD student, but as you might have guess by now, I’m also a producer of media. I think it would be nice if folks could come home with some practical information about tools for transformation and design strategies. I’m sure there are many people here with more expertise than I, and I would love to hear what everyone uses and does.

I think some of these sessions may be presentations, but I am planning to act as a facilitator, making sure discussion happens and everyone who wants to speak can. I have some experience acting as a facilitator in anarchist groups, so I plan to run this something along those lines. If you want to talk about a tool, you’ll have a chance time permitting.

If you already know a topic you would like to bring up, please mark it under one of the headings below.

Tools for Digital Activism
These could be a variety of things, but I’m thinking more of software like WordPress, MediaWiki, etc, than hardware. I think we all know what a camera or a computer is, but if you’re using some crazy new piece of media-making hardware, we’ll probably be interested in what you have to say.

Participatory Design Patterns
I’ve helped put together a variety of Web projects intended as places for participatory discussion, and it’s often the case that users don’t participate unless prodded. I’d like to go beyond carrots and sticks and see if folks have figured out design strategies that get people participating in your communities.

I’ll be busy leading the discussion, so I would like to ask someone to act as a rapporteur, so we can have online notes of this session as well. I think folks at ISDT and outside ISDT would like to see them as well.