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2010 Session Notes
2011 Affinity Sessions
2011 BarCamp Sessions
2011 ISDT Madness
2011 Rapporteur Notes
Ademar Aguiar 2011
Affinity Sessions
Affinity Sessions formerly known as BarCamps
Affinity Session Tips
Alison Powell 2011
Andy Carvin
Archive of Past ISDTs
A collection of articles on identityanonymitypseudonymity online
Bar Camps aka "Birds of a Feather" Groups
Bar Camps aka "Birds of a Feather" Groups as of Tuesday evening
Christian Sandvig
Civic Science and Activism
Cristina Costa
Derek Lackaff
Diego Gómez
Digital Revolution and Kids' Educational Challenges
Discussion Board Topics
Doug Schuler
Eric Gunderson
Event tags
Fiorella De Cindio
Fiorella De Cindio 2011
Free Wifi in Porto
Graham Attwell
How the Internet Really Works
isdtstory wiki
ISDT Resources
ISDT visualizations by day
Jillian York
Jorge Martins Rosa
Karin Wilkins
Katrin Verclas and Tapan Parikh
Laura Stein
Laura Stein 2011
Laura Stein and Tiago Peixoto
Leslie Regan Shade
Leslie Regan Shade 2010
Leslie Regan Shade 2011
Local Organizations
Martha Fuentes-Bautista and Alison Powell
Micah Sifry
Michael Gurstein
Nicholas Reville
Notes from information visualization break out sessions on Thursday
Patricia Aufderheide
pinhole camera
Rui Barros and Fiorella De Cendio
Sara de Freitas
Schedule of Talks
Session summaries
Siva Vaidyanathan
Smári McCarthy
Sounds of Bazaar Internet Radio
Sunil Abraham
Sunil Abraham 2011
Tag Cloud of Participants' Interests
Tanya Notley
Tanya Notley 2010
Taxonomy of Failures
Tools for digital activism: Participatory design patterns
Vegetarian Food in Porto
Warigia Bowman and Scott S. Robinson