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View Bar Camps aka "Birds of a Feather" Groups as of Tuesday evening


If you have not signed up for the Casa Da Musica tour, you could organize something for Wednesday afternoon between 15:30 and 17:30.


10:45 Organizational and democratic logic of participation:  Introduction to research results.  Mayo Fuster.  Meet in the break room after first presentation.

11:00 Satyan Ramlal invites people to discuss Politics and the State of Africa.  Location:  Piolho (the cafe in the plaza near the Reitoria).  Warigia Bowman invited.

14:00 Digital Revolution and Kids’ Educational Challenges.  Several people signed up.  Meet outside, near Piolho, the cafe just in front of Reitoria. The crowd will decide then where to go.

14:30 Students for Free Culture Portugal.  Luis Frias, Ines Carvallo, others.  Piolho.

15:00 Notions of Civil Society, Citizens, civic.  Location at Piolho, the cafe nearby.  Satyan Ramlal initiates.

No time or date noted:  Foz outing for dinner.  Katrin Verclas, Luis Frias. 

No time noted Global Public Library (no person identified; no place noted)


10:30 Copyright Policy.  Pat Aufderheide (after her presentaiton).  Several people have signed up.  Meet in break room.

12:30 Tools for digital activism: Participatory design patterns. Location is Maus Habitos (excellent lunch place) off Santa Catarina.  Several people have signed up.  Hosted Facilitated by Chris McConnell.