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View Affinity Session Tips

This page is intended as a resource for participants organizing affinity sessions. Past participants share the lessons learned from past ISDT events.

• Have a specific topic in mind. Just about everyone is going to be interested in “The Internet and Social Change.” If there’s a specific issue, event, or book you have in mind, mention that.
• Offer a summary on the wiki of what your session will be about. Before the event, this helps others thinking about what they might want to discuss. After the event, it helps the organizers document what went on, so even if you propose a session during ISDT, please post a summary. This also helps folks checking on the sessions from their computers.
• Check out the venue before the session if possible. It’s frustrating to split up a group when it turns out that a restaurant won’t fit everyone.
• Take notes of the session and post them to the wiki. It’s often the case a participant might have to choose between sessions. They might be interested in seeing your comments or links.
• If you’re interested in a session, write your name by the session on the wiki; this helps organizers know if others are interested.

• Don’t think your session has to be a discussion. It could also be a skill-sharing workshop, a cultural outing, or anything else relevant.
• Don’t bail on your session or head out before you say you’re leaving. That’s not cool, and sessions should include everyone who wants to participate.
• Don’t be too optimistic about start times or travel times. Presentations can go over, and participants may have different expectations of promptness.
• Don’t stress out about this too much. Have fun and enjoy the conversation!