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About Porto

Here is a map of the places where ISDT will take place, where people will be staying, and where everyone will be eating in Porto, Portugal. Click on this link to see this map in Google Maps.

How do I get to Porto from the airport?

A taxi from the airport to the city center may cost around 20 euros.

On weekends, holidays, and later at night, a surcharge of 20% is automatically added to the fare on the taximeter.

A less expensive way to enter the city is the metro. The metro’s violet line connects the airport to the city; arriving visitors can take the violet line to the Trindade stop—about 25 minutes—and then take a taxi the remaining one kilometer to the hotel. The metro stop is in front of the arrivals zone of the airport. This site has additional information on taking the metro from the airport.

For participants considering a longer stay in Porto, here are some ideas for inexpensive lodging:

Here are some additional links that may help you as you visit Porto:

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