Tiago Peixoto

European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Topic: Participatory Budgeting

Participatory Budgeting can be broadly defined as the participation of citizens in the decision-making process of budget allocation and monitoring public spending. Participation may take various forms, from effective decision-making power in the allocation of resources to more modest initiatives that confer voice during the development of the budget.

The presentation concerns the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a strategy for reinforcing democratic processes - broadly defined as e-democracy practices - and focuses on the use of ICTs in participatory democracy initiatives, taking Participatory Budgeting initiatives as a reference.

Firstly, the presentation will discuss the increasing number of PB practices across the world and the extent to which ICTs are used in these initiatives. In a second moment a series of insights on the potential of the use of ICTs in participatory democracy initiatives in different policy stages will be presented.